Namasté & Welcome! Through yoga, I have found peace and serenity for my mind, body, & soul and want to share this with you! Please feel free to leave your inquiries, write comments, or post suggestions you feel could make this yoga community better. Thank y’all for the support ❤︎❤︎❤︎

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  • Herb Evans

    I am so Proud of this outstanding Yoga webpage that gives everyone an opportunity to find peace and serenity through exercise. My prayers are for you to “Continue sharing His light, for your future is bright!” #ProudDad

  • Constance Wright

    Charde’ has a beautiful website and I am so proud of her accomplishments. She has a lovely, calming voice and her yoga techniques are impeccable.

  • Courtney Sells

    I like that Charde’ gives detailed verbal instructions so that you don’t have to stare at the video.

  • David Tresville

    Great morning yoga class. Charde is strong and destined to be a Yoga Master Guru! I bow to you Charde – Namaste!

  • Janis DeRogatis

    Charde’, I wish you all the best of luck!! I’m really not a yoga guru but I’m counting on you to inspire me!!

  • Pastor David Adams

    Charde’s website is amazing and so simple to follow. In today’s world with all the busyness of work and school, Charde simply makes all the excuses go away by just being a click away!

  • Lenna Summy

    Charde’, I will definitely do it. I have been looking for a yoga program to do at home, so this is good!

  • KA Bean

    This Yoga routine is so amazing, Each morning, I usually have problems with pain in my legs and my feet due to bad circulation, pain in my neck, my shoulders, and lower back. I tend to be very stiff, but this routine is really thorough, very easy and painless for a beginner like my self. It improved my mobility throughout my day, loosened all of my joints, and beautifully set the tone for a day of focus and balance.

    To all my friends and family please take advantage, I promise, you will have no regrets. Charde’, Thank you for this wonderful gift, I tend to make this apart of my Great Rise and daily meditations. Shalom!

  • Anonymous

    I love Charde’s website and yoga routine! I like that she is in a peaceful looking place in her video and that the names of the stretches are written for us to see the name of what we are doing. She narrates well too! It was easy to follow along. I am excited for Charde, she did a great job! ?

  • CM Wright

    Charde, this video is Good to have. I was just thinking about getting back into yoga. Thanks!

  • Derrick Adams

    That was awesome Charde, you did a very good job! I will share it to some of my friends as well!!! Love ya!

  • Gema Beasley

    “Thank you Charde! Since I’ve been living overseas, it was great to listen to a friendly voice and have a little relaxing morning yoga sesh!”

  • Steve Ray (Charde's H.S. Basketball Coach)

    Charde, I enjoyed the video a lot and plan to start doing the yoga routine as part of an exercise regimen I’m starting. It was very helpful and informative. Charde does a great job. Great video! Thanks

  • Alden Boyd

    It’s clear from watching Chardé’s videos that she was destined to teach yoga. Her voice is calming, yet strong, and she articulates very well the position she is doing. It’s also really helpful that she has the names of the move written on the screen! Her first video is appropriate for all levels and I found it to be a great quick routine to do in the morning. As a bonus, the scenery is gorgeous. I think we can only continue to expect great videos. Thanks for sharing your gift Chardé!

  • Rita Wright

    Charde,I watched it at work! I was moving with you in my chair at lunch. Your tone of voice is very soothing, congratulations!

  • Kimberly Dendy

    I’ve always wanted to do yoga in my own home. Thank you for a great introduction to a morning yoga routine. I love how energized and at peace the routine makes me feel first thing in the morning. Instructions are also very easy to follow. Charde’ is a gifted yoga teacher. Blessings!

  • Kim

    I’m not the best at getting sufficient rest or sleep. Relaxing has never been easy for me either. Waking up at 2am , finding Charde’s short yoga video was just enough to help clear my mind and get back to sleep. Thank you.

  • Mary Davis

    Awesome exercises, and I highly recommend this Yoga video. I will also spread the word to others!

  • KIM Adams

    Charde you did an awesome job. Although I may not be able to do it all, my doctor just recently told me to do some stretching exercises. So that will come in handy because of the pain in the lower parts of my back. I will certainly pass this on to whomever I come in contact with that does Yoga!

  • Sarah Brooks

    Charde’s yoga workout is a wonderful way to jumpstart your mind and body in the morning. After these 10 minutes, you are ready for for a productive and peaceful day.

  • Mary Jackson

    This website is great. The 10 minute yoga video is awesome Charde , you give visitors and clients a 10 minute stretch wamup. Your video is just a taste of what a session with you would like. I am sure your clients will connect to mind body and soul with you teaching them I wish you the best

  • Bir I.S. Grewall

    I have seen Charde grow up as a God fearing, smart lady with a spirit of helping others.
    Her expertise and passion for Yoga, has already taken her to International Coaching status at this young age.
    I want everyone to join me in promoting and using her Yoga talent to better ourselves also.
    Blessings Charde!

  • Greg Strange

    Charde’, thanks for the video! I use most of these yoga stretches 2 or 3 times a week before running. Very helpful for my whole body. Awesome work.

  • Shirley Gipson

    Charde’, I am not a yoga person but I found the class very easy to follow and at the end I was able to move around the house more relaxed. It is a very positive morning, get you going routine.

  • Bob DeRogatis

    Thank you for this video which will certainly provide a great start to your morning but can be viewed anytime to relieve daily stress and recenter our thoughts and our body. I look forward to listening and learning with future videos. I am an avid golfer and have found yoga to be a super way to relax and maintain my strength and flexibility!

  • Lia Reagins

    “Great video! Even a beginner like me is able to follow along. Enjoyed it!”

  • Gabrielle DuBose

    After participating in the peace filled Namaste con Charde class, my mind was relaxed, and my body was rejuvenated to my center. Thank you Charde for the wonderful yoga experience! Namaste

  • Bobby Williams

    Charde’ provides wonderful yoga programming that taps into the mind, body, soul and spirit. Kudos to you and the expertise you share with us all. I look forward to your future videos to help start my days off on the right foot. Thanks Charde!

  • Sandra Vault

    Charde’s video was found to be very soothing and relaxing. For a person that has never tried Yoga the video was a very inviting way of relaxing your mind and your body.

  • Rita

    This was a great video. Chardes’ detailed instruction was concise, clear and easy to follow. I enjoyed trying the routine and it was very relaxing. Her voice was soothing and not distracting like some exercise classes I’ve done. Will definitely do more of her workouts.

  • Barbara Sullivan

    Charde, I looked at the first page of the website. Oh my goodness! It was so beautiful I can barely put it into words. The view, the expanse of the scenery, It was almost surreal. I felt a great peace while pondering the picture. When I saw the Sideview, I couldn’t get over how much she looks like her mom.
    And the shades of black and white and gray were just exquisite. I would say classy but that does not describe the real beauty of it all. Thank you for letting me view it and letting me express my thoughts.

  • Bill Montgomery

    I have known for many years that the keys to longevity are stretching, hydration, and nutrition! As a business traveler, Charde’s 10 minute body wake up is an excellent program that can be done in your hotel room. A calm relaxing way to kick start your business day!

  • Kel Stewart

    Charde’ your video captured the natural experience as you would a yoga class. After the video ended I felt relaxed and more focused on my days journey. I really hope for more videos to come.

  • Liz Mitchell

    I love Charde’s yoga videos! They are a great way to jump start your morning and get your blood flowing. My favorite thing about the videos is they are short enough that you can easily fit them into your daily routine no matter how busy your schedule!

  • LK Blackard

    I absolutely LOVE Charde’s videos! Over the years I’ve taken yoga classes, but never enjoyed them as much as these! Charde presents each pose and transition with such ease, making even the beginner feel like an expert!

  • Channie Means

    Lady Charde’, thank you so much for a great video
    routine. I found it very refreshing because it truly ministered to the total health and whole of me…Mind, Body, and Soul!
    I’m recovering from a recent car accident where my back and neck were compromised. This routine helped to stimulate muscles and nerves that were having difficulty responding to therapy. As a result, I’ve incorporated the
    “Namaste’ Con Charde’ ” Yoga Program in my daily routine!

    Thank you for generously sharing your gift and talents to the general public. Continue the amazing work‼️

    Thankful and Grateful,
    Channie Means
    “A Raving Follower and NCC Yoga Fan”

  • Eric Calloway

    The video is very easy to follow along, exercises short simple and to the point….great way to wake up the body.., Charde does a fantastic job with leading and instructing in the video… Not only will I be using the video myself, but I will also recommended to others!!!

  • Amilliah Henderson

    If you are looking for a great yoga instructor, HERE SHE IS… She’s going to make a great yoga instructor!!! She even has that “relaxing voice”.
    Getting healthy and in shape is my number one goal for this new year. I’m off to a pretty good start thanks to you, Charde’. I’m so very proud of you for your many accomplishments, young lady!!!
    Even though Chardé is not able to physically be in yoga class with everyone around her, through Namasté Con Chardé, she is able to connect with not only family and friends, but with people all across the world.

  • Ethel Green

    Charde’s demonstrations of the yoga stretches are very easy to follow, and the video overall was good!

  • Ashley Arogunmati

    Charde your video is great. You are so good at this and I couldn’t be happier you have found your passion! ?

  • Denisha McIntosh

    Starting my day with NamasteConCharde in the morning has completely changed the outlook on my days and my week. I wake up feeling more invigorated and ready to take on the day!

  • Tonya Johnson Whiteside

    “Great video! I’m just learning to embrace yoga and your instructions are easy for me to follow! I’m excited to begin my journey into yogaland!”

  • Taylor Farmer

    “This is the best way to start the morning! It wakes me up slowly, and gets my mind ready for a productive day.” ?

  • Laura Simon

    The routine was quick, yet effective. Visually and verbally, very easy to follow. Not pushy, encouraging, and direct instructions that actually MATCHED her movements. I would make this a part of my morning routine 3x’s per week.

  • Iris Wilcox

    “Charde does a skillful job presenting yoga in a way that anyone can understand and follow along. It’s relaxing and inspiring to watch whether or not you can do all of the things you’re seeing her do.”

  • Ed Haynes

    Viewing the video was quite an experience and this is not my first rodeo viewing such video. I can sincerely say that Charde’s was the best I have seen.
    She has perfect balance, smooth cordination, and is clearly understood. It has me thinking about signing up for her class.

  • Hannah Holt

    Oh my gosh, Yes! The video was awesome. She’s killing it!

  • Pastors Michael & Stephanie Rowan

    Relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing for your mind, body, and soul. With the pressures & stresses of our culture, it’s a wonderful way to start ANY day!!

  • Andrew Kirkland

    Keep your day free of stress and start your day with a great stretch. Charde’s video provides exactly what you need to make it happen!

  • Camille Smith

    Chardé made this yoga novice feel immediately relaxed and at ease on my mat. I forgot I was in my living room. I was able to relax, move and truly feel as if I joined her by the water for a wonderful time of morning exercise and renewal.

  • Elise Arcos

    I have been looking for both a morning and evening yoga routine to help balance myself before the day and night. I am happy to say I found it! Charde’s lessons explain what I am doing and why it is helpful. Her voice is calm and her videos are peaceful. I look forward to more Namaste con Charde’!

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