Step one on this journey/adventure of a lifetime has begun…

My parents and I started our trip in Japan which was incredible! I’ve always had a strong desire to visit Japan and it exceed my expectations by a long shot. Beautifully lush nature, electric energy, and wonderful people make up the country that is Japan. We traveled through the Naritasan Shinshō-ji Temple (one of the biggest temple grounds in Japan), visited the electric city-ward Shibuya, and walked around Tokyo Disneyland.


From Japan we arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city, before heading to Kampot, Cambodia. Cambodia’s countryside is very beautiful and far off the grid. When I arrived, I was taken back by how remote & off the grid the city is, but was consoled with breathtaking views, beautiful scenery, and sweet people. Teaching yoga every morning, helping out at the resort, and living an eco-efficient lifestyle (think composting toilets and no air-conditioning) will test me in all different ways and make me a stronger person; all I ask is for your love, support, and prayers as I trek through this journey. 🙂


“My strength did not come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself up when I was down.” – Bob Moore

I taught my first class today and was filled with such appreciation and gratitude towards everyone who has helped me get this far. A special thank-you to my parents for supporting me 100%, traveling with me, raising me to take risks and rely on faith to keep me, and quoting the above phrase to me when I was unsure if I could do this. To everyone else that has supported me- thank y’all for all of the love and support!

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10 thoughts to “Adventure Of A Lifetime

  • Tiffany l Jackson

    Hey! I love the story! Thanks for keeping us informed! I’m glad your safe. God Bless You!

    • Chardé

      Thank you for the sweet words 🙂 love you!

  • Alden

    • Carey Lenss

      I am so anxious to learn from you. At the same time, I am very proud of how you are putting yourself out there and being so brave. This experience is going to be life changing for all of us because it will send ripple effects through our worlds. Love you!

      • Chardé

        Thank you so much, this is definitely an adventure but I’m so excited to share. Thank you do much for all the sweet words and support, love you!

    • Chardé

      Love you!

  • Janae Ryan

    So glad you are doing a blog!!! Cant wait to see more pictures and follow all your adventures! Proud of you girl!

    • Chardé

      Yay, thank you 🙂 I will keep uploading and keeping y’all informed!

  • Mary Jackson

    I enjoy reading what’s going on with you. I am happy you are having a wonderful time of discovery and reflection. You will have a great story when you return. God Bless and love and prayer to you.

    • Chardé

      Love this and you, thank you so so much!

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