“When I stop struggling, I float.”

As I sat in the backseat of a very bumpy tuktuk ride into downtown Kampot, Cambodia this morning, I began to reflect on letting go. I wanted to get up and leave because the ride was extremely bumpy through the jungle, I was alone, I was beginning to sweat, and I felt uncomfortable. Though I wanted to get out of the tuktuk and leave, I couldn’t– I had to sit and finish the ride until I reached my destination.

I, like most, like to be in control, comfortable, and predict exactly what’s coming next– that doesn’t work here. I’m in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language, I’m not familiar with directions, and I don’t have family & friends near, so I’m forced to let go and embrace the unknown and the journey.

Letting go is something that yoga has taught over the years because often:

  1. In class, everyone is doing the same pose and I feel like I look different or not as good as the others- I have to let go and embrace where my progress is currently.
  2. Some days meditating is harder than others and my thoughts are everywhere and I feel like I wasted my time– I have to let go and embrace where I am that day.
  3. The yoga teacher leads us in a pose I’m not familiar with that feels awkward in my body and I want to get out of it- I have to let go and embrace the weird feeling.

All these examples (plus plenty others) are constant practice of facing something I may not like then letting go and embracing what comes next.

There’s a yoga quote I like that reads, “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.” Yes, flexibility is a benefit from a frequent yoga practice, but the biggest benefit is learning to be comfortable, free, and able to let go in any situation. Whether the situation is weird, unknown, or foreign to you– trying to let go and embrace the moment will help.

So, as I continue my journey in Cambodia eating new foods, traveling to places I’ve never been, getting lost, and facing my fears, I will continue to work on letting go and embracing this moment and ask that you join me. Even if you’re not 15 hours away from home in another country, everyday situations that pop up offer an opportunity to take the yoga we practice on our mat and turn them into principals we utilize off our mat.

Let go, embrace the moment, and trust that everything is coming together in its perfect timing.

Please comment below and share your thoughts on letting go or let me know if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi ?

27 thoughts to “Letting Go

  • Charlotte Evans

    It’s so nice to see you are trusting and depending on God, and using your yoga technique to stay strong and inspire others around you, I’m letting go by believing God will continue to keep you safe and secure. Keep the blogs coming, we are walking this journey with you “gurl” mom.

    • Chardé

      Thank you so much! You are so right, God is great and keeping me on this journey safe & sound

  • john vaculk

    If god brings you to it,he will get you thru it.

    • Chardé

      I receive it!

  • Alden Boyd

    You’re such an inspiration. Love you lots!!

    • Chardé

      Thank you so much Alden I appreciate it, love you!

  • Natasha Anderson

    Letting Go- As the quote says “easier said than done”. What you describe in your blog equals anxiety city for me. I don’t like being out of my comfort zone, being in a place that is so unfamiler by langue, culter, even food puts nots in my stomach. I admire you so much for doing what your doing.
    A lot of times I am frustrated because anxiety often has me questioning my my faith. I am so scary at time! I am learning more and more to let go of the control that I think I have, but really don’t! I know GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!

    I will continue to try to Let go, embrace the moment, and trust that everything is coming together in its perfect timing.

    I am proud of you cousin!!!! I love you?
    Keep doing you.


    • Chardé

      Wow, thank you so much for sharing Natasha! We all have those feelings (the anxiety was me when I first arrived), but like you said trusting God and letting go eases that. I’m so glad you could relate and am glad we can let go together 🙂

      I love you and I miss you!

      • Natasha Anderson


  • Mary Jackson

    Charde’, continue doing what you love, and know that lots of prayers are going up back home for you. Stay encouraged and be blessed as you help others.

    • Chardé

      Thank you so much for the encouragement and countinued support, it means everything!

  • Herb Evans

    The new Blog, “Letting Go”, is so perfectly written. I feel like after only one week you’ve gained so much valuable perspective and maturity in thinking! So PROUD of you and how you’re allowing God to order your steps! I’m learning daily about Letting Go! 🙂 #ProudDad ?

    • Chardé

      Wow, thank you so much! It’s crazy how much I feel like I’ve moved past in a week, but even better how much live and support I’ve received.

      Love you!

  • suzanne ceglia

    Look at you. …BRAVE LADY! Just wanted to say a big ATTA GIRL! I hope you are keeping a Journal!
    When you get home you will enjoy reflecting on your growth and reading in your own words your testimony of overcoming your fears, making unlikely friends, relinquishing control and learning to press in & look to the Lord to meet all of your needs. Praying the Lord sends Gaurdian Angels as friends for comfort and companionship! Peace, Love and Prosperity!

    • Chardé

      Thanks so much, being brave can be frightening, but that’s where trust and letting go comes in! I appreciate your prayers and support and so incredibly much, they keep me going.

  • Connie Jones

    So proud and excited at the new endeavors of your life.The best is yet to come.You are the test for the testimony that God wants for us.Many prayers and Blessings for your journey and Blessed to be privileged to be a part.

    • Chardé

      Thank you so much for the lovely words, prayers, and support. I appreciate it all and am so happy I’m able to share this journey with so many 🙂

  • Rev Dora Stuart

    Blessings and greetings. I am so very proud of you for being willing to step out in faith to see the manifestation of God’s Hand and His Plan for your life. As your gift has made room for you, I pray for strength and wisdom as you grow and continue to “let go and let God.” You will experience the presence of God and learn to lean and depend on Him even more. Peace and Joy.

    • Chardé

      Wow, thank you so much for the lovely words, support, and prayers– I need them all!

  • Deneshia McIntosh

    Chardé what an amazing message that I definitely needed to hear today! I need to practice the art of letting go and embracing what is ahead. We always know that although things may seem foreign to us, God has already prepared the way for us.

    Be blessed and I look forward to reading more blogs!

    • Chardé

      Yes ma’am, I love the way you put that– “God has already prepared the way.” I’m so glad this spoke to you and look forward to putting more posts out :*

  • tiffany jackson


    You have given me soooo much inspiration to let go too! I recently quit my job and decided to devote my time to my full time passion web development which gives me back my time and full creativity to THRIVE. I appreciate your guidance and teachings in life. I am blessed to have you as a mentor and friend. I am still wanted to JUMP more each day and I’m learning to just be who I am and happy and others are a non-factor ;P It’s time for US to live it UP.

    Please continue being a motivator and inspiration to others. I am driving my car down the same road.
    Keep your eyes on the road and say HI often 🙂

    -Tiffany Lorine
    CEO of Prodevrs

    • Chardé

      Wow, this means so much coming from you who inspires and motivates me everyday as well. I’m so blessed to know you and for all of your sweet encouragement and support.

      Thank you for everything and yes, let’s continue to JUMP 🙂

  • Kyle Stearne

    Hang in there Charde! Enjoy life to the fullest!

    • Chardé

      Thank you so much Kyle! I’m enjoying and having a great time, I appreciate the support 🙂

  • David and Tamara

    We loved your blog. Nothing worth doing is easy. Please keep going and growing! Are you practicing yoga on your own privately? What about trying the Ashtanga Yoga…that would certainly grow your practice. When you come back we will have an inversion challenge! We are praying for you

    • Chardé

      Thank y’all for the continued encouragement I love y’all so much 🙂

      I actually have been practicing Ashtanga since I’ve been here. I got into Mysore before I left Austin but still remember that you got me started!

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