“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

As you may know, I’ve been living in a bamboo hut in Cambodia for the last 2 months. The past few days have been interesting ones in my hut particularly because of the creatures that have found their way in. A wide range of animals including frogs, spiders, mosquitoes, moths, and even a snake sighting (yikes!) have all made my space their temporary space. Usually, I would scream and could be moved to tears at a roach sighting (I actually cried one time), but this week I haven’t been as phased. Maybe it hasn’t phased me as much because when I get rid of an animal from my room I know that they’ll come back. I went so far as walking a frog to the river and still, another day passed and a different frog found its way in. I’ve come to terms that animals will come and go & there’s not much I can do while living in the middle of the jungle.

Oddly enough, this insight made me think of life in an interesting way: Just as the bugs find their way in & out of my hut and there’s not much I can do to change it, good times & tough times will also find their way in and out my life without my control. 

Many times when we face issues and problems it’s easy for us to get pessimistic and entertain thoughts that this tough time is going to last forever. It’s hard to see past it unless we cultivate awareness that in life there are going to be ups and downs.

I saw this simple illustration on Instagram and it really resonated with me:


What if we began to cultivate awareness that everything is temporary and just like we know the rain and storms will come, the sun will also rise and shine on?

In a tough yoga class a while back, I remember the teacher repeating to the class, “Try & calm your mind, this pose is only temporary and soon we’ll move out of it.” Even though my mind was racing holding a squat for what felt like 10 minutes, the words were reassuring. My mind was clinging to the fact that the pose (and every pose) is only temporary, and I could then begin to bring calmness and a sense of inner peace to the forefront.

—Same with life—

Whatever tough time you may be going through or have gone through, please be reassured it’s only temporary. It won’t last a lifetime and soon you’ll move out of it.

Cultivating a deep sense of peace helps to ground us and keep us calm even during the storm. The tough times will come, but so will the good times and maybe cultivating a deep sense of peace and lightheartedness could help us get through and keep us grounded.

For me, practicing yoga & meditation helps ground me, but maybe there’s something different that helps you. Either way, I’ll be working on cultivating a deep sense of inner peace and being grounded and would love if you’d join me!

Please comment below and share your thoughts on temporary times or let me know if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi ?

20 thoughts to “Temporary Times

  • Mary Jackson y

    Your boss block post was powerful. I enjoyed it so much and the content was so thought-provoking. As I read your blog during your stay in Cambodia I see the growth and you and in your view of looking at things and your way are relating it to yoga and Life Experiences. Keep up the good work. God bless.

    • Chardé

      Thank you so much for the sweet words 🙂 I really appreciate it!

  • Mary Jackson

    Great post. The content was very thought-provoking and true. God bless and keep up the good post

    • Chardé

      Wow, thanks so much 🙂

  • Kim

    Hi beautiful lady!

    • Chardé

      Hello there <3 I miss & love you!

  • Kathy brooks

    Thank you for embracing where you are in life. It is our choice how we handle it and I have loved watching your reaction. Way to choose JOY. Praying for you as you impact so many lives you are coming across.

    • Chardé

      You are exactly right! Thank you so much for the encouragement and sweet words 🙂

  • Pam Stampertaylor

    Happy Good Friday! Very nice writing, xoxo

    • Chardé

      🙂 Thank you <3

  • Tiffany

    Simply WOW! ?

    I’m all in with YOU!

    • Chardé

      Awee <3 thank you so much!!

  • Mitchell Pou

    I needed that insight , i always feel like tough situations will last forever. But looking at your outlook make sense in every way thank you may your blessings continue to come.

    • Chardé

      You are so welcome, thank you for the kind words! I can get into that mindset as well, but thankfully a new perspective can bring peace:)

  • Herb Evans

    Hey Charde’,
    As the father of 5 children, we went through some tough times. There were times when we wondered how we would make it the next month, week and day! But God always came through right when we needed Him, especially when we were almost scared to death, the time you fell out of the car into the middle of the street. It was nothing but God’s Grace and Mercy that surrounded you and brought you to where you are today, sharing your message of Tough Times being Temporary! #ProudDad #KeepShinning4Him

    • Chardé

      Such powerful words and so true! Everytime we trusted and believed:) thank you for the sweet words and the loving support

  • Deneshia McIntosh

    Another awesome post Charde! Your words are so encouraging and always right on time! Love and miss you!

    • Chardé

      Thank you so so much, I’m so happy this was on time for you :* Love and miss you too, we need to meet at my next destination 😉

  • Freya

    We say we love nature, but we want to control it and beat it back away from us and into small remaining spaces. Nature is wild, messy, and unruly as is life and as we are ourselves…..We are a part of nature.

    We cannot control life but we can cultivate our ability to choose how we respond. The beautiful chaos of Cambodia is a wonderful practice ground to learn to remain calm whatever comes.

    Beautiful piece of writing Charde’. It was wonderful having you with us and all the little creatures who used to visit you miss your beautiful energy.

    • Chardé

      Such beautiful words from such a beautiful person! You are so giving and loving and being able to share space with you (and the creepy crawlers) in Cambodia with you was amazing. Thank you again :*

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