I know what you might be thinking– a cleanse? Isn’t that just a fad diet? Trendy loose weight quick scheme? Yeah, that is the perception, but the last 10 days wasn’t about any of those things for me. What started out as an inkling that I needed a detox to get rid of the sluggish feeling I was walking around with (coming off vacation through France where I was eating croissants and baguettes 3 times a day will do that to you ??? ) turned into a chance to delve deep and explore what else was pulling me down and not allowing me to be free physically and emotionally. For me, this 10 day cleanse was about community, human potential, and the power of love. Who could’ve imagined that only eating green smoothies for a week would come with so many insights? I surly didn’t!

?Community– life is better with people!

When I received the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book as gift a couple of weeks ago, I very much expected to go through this journey alone. I had been talking about going on a cleanse without a clue which cleanse or which detox to choose, so when my dad gifted me with this particular book, I decided to read it and go on the cleanse a few days later. This was a personal decision I made and decided to share it with my family, friends, and on social media just in case anyone else was curious. To my great surprise, my mom told me she had been feeling the same way and wanted to join the cleanse, then a friend joined, then another friend, then someone who follows Namasté Con Chardé that I’d never met joined until I had a community of 15 people (aptly named the Cleanse Crew)! If I was having any doubts or fears about the cleanse, I had a community of encourages and accountability partners through this journey to reassure me. That moment of community is when I realized that this cleanse was more than just about food– this was about the power in cultivating community in whatever endeavor chosen to help reach the goal!

The famous quote, “It takes a village to raise a child,” applies to so much more than just raising a child. It highlights the importance of community and not feeling alone. I believe within all of us, we all have the ability to create a Cleanse Crew of our own to help us through whatever we may be going through. The power of community can propel you forward and keep you motivated when you’re feeling low and alone. Knowing that I wasn’t alone on this journey allowed myself, and the other crew members, to feel a sense of accountability that kept us honest. Whether your community consists of 3 or 30 people, the importance of having a community of people that know your goals and are willing to keep you accountable will help you achieve your goals much more than if you were doing it on your own.

?Human Potential– the possibilities are endless!

We are capable of way more than we can imagine. I like to eat– A LOT, so the thought of not having a real meal for 10 days didn’t seem like that big of a deal to meal until the end of day 1 ?. That’s when I was forced to tap into to the strong part within me that is capable and able to do far more than I could ever imagine. The part of me that easily gives up, says I can’t do hard things and would much rather take the easy route had to be silenced so that I could reach my goal!

Through yoga, I’ve learned to silence the negative down when I come to a pose and my muscles begin to burn and I want to give up or when I’m 15 seconds into mediation and my mind is telling me to quit. I have to consciously choose to be present and do what seems the hardest or as some say, “Resist taking the easy route.” It is the same in yoga, same with this cleanse, and the same in life. Sometimes the most meaningful things we can do are the absolute hardest– overcoming repeated failures, admitting when you’re wrong, opening up to love after heartbreak, etc., but we are capable than more than we know and we can do it! The possibilities of your potential are endless and though a 10-day cleanse doesn’t seem like the impossible, it felt like it to me until I silenced the negative and kept going which is something that can be applied to every area of life.

?The Power Of Love– your body deserves it!

We all know how powerful love is, and on this cleansing journey I realized how powerful it is to love your body enough to consume healthy, nourishing, and yummy food. We only have this one body and loving our body includes caring about your physical and mental health. When I stopped and really focused on what was going into my body for every “meal” and what nutritional value I was gaining, my world began to change. Long gone was the unconscious eating habits of stuffing my face to pass time. When cleansing, every food choice has a purpose and a value specifically designed to benefit the body– the way it should be all of the time not only with food choices, but every life choice.

What you choose to spend your energy doing, where you choose to go, who you choose to spend your time with, what words/messages you choose to confirm within all have consequences positive and negative. Choices of love lift you high and negative choices bring you down— we all have a choice within every aspect of our lives and through this cleanse I realized our body deserves the best in every situation! Our body wants to be healthy, not only through food, but mentally, physically, and emotionally. Perhaps by cleansing out the toxicity in our lives, we can show our body love aiding in that health!

Thank you so much for reading about my journey and exploring the idea of cleansing out toxicity, not only in food choices, but in every area of life. Again this 10 day journey revealed to me the importance of community, human potential, and the power of love in so many different ways! If you need a community to join, please comment & subscribe below to join the movement to wellness! I aim to encourage, inspire, and make wellness an accessible journey for us all to walk down ??. HUGE thank you to the Cleanse Crew for keeping me honest and propelling me forward 🙂 If you’d like more information about the cleanse, recipes, or guidelines you can refer to the book or me send me an email at NamasteConCharde@yahoo.com, I’d love to hear from you! I will likely being doing the cleanse again and would love to have you join the Cleanse Crew 🙂 The more the merrier!

I am currently in nutrition school to get my certification in Integrative Health Coaching and would love your support! I will continue to blog, post pictures, and keep you updated as I learn more about health, wellness, & nutrition ?

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  • Charlotte Evans

    It was a great journey, the blog is very good!

    • Chardé

      Thank you so much, it was great to go through the journey with you!

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